Getting Started

Core Components of the Platform

What you'll learn

  • We'll go through the 4 basic components of the Dataddo platform:
    • Connectors
    • Sources
    • Destinations
    • Flows
  • You'll learn how to build a data integration using the core components
About Core Components

Connectors are the main components of the Dataddo platform. As the name implies, they are what enables the platform to connect to the online services that you want to pull data from, and send data to.


A source is a collection of data from a given service or system.

In general, there are 2 types of data sources:

  • sources with attribute selection
  • sources with dataset selection.

Google Analytics is an example of a source with attribute selection.

When setting up this type, you are presented with all the metrics and attributes that an online service makes publicly available. You just choose your account, select the ones you need, and continue to the next steps.

Youtube Analytics is an example of a source with dataset selection.

When setting up this type, you first have to choose a dataset before proceeding with the configuration. Datasets are just collections of source data that have their own metrics and attributes.


Destinations are the systems you send your data to. With Dataddo, you have the advantage of sending your data to 3 different destination types.

  • Dashboarding applications (Google Looker Studio, Power BI or Tableau)
  • Data Warehouses (i.e. Google Sheets, Snowflake, and Google Big Query)
  • Operational applications like CRMs and accounting tools

A data flow is the connection between a data source and a destination. For example, if you send a dataset from You Tube Analytics to Google Sheets, this will count as one flow.