Getting Started

Dataddo Products

What you'll learn

Our goal is to describe all the benefits of our platform and help you choose the product which best meets your needs.

A Dataddo platform consists of four different products.

  • The Free Plan
  • Data to Dashboards
  • Data Anywhere
  • and Headless Data integration
Free Plan
Let's start with our free plan, which is great for those just starting out with data and analytics.

The Free plan lets users extract data from ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook ads, and others, and send it to Google sheets or dashboarding tools like Power BI and Looker Studio.

It has some limitations, like a three flow limit, a weekly data sync frequency, and no manual data loading.

Data to Dashboards

Next, we have our data to dashboards plan which is ideal for those who need to visualize data from many different online services.

This plan allows users to send data to Google sheets or dashboarding applications. Users can choose from multiple pricing tiers, which determine the limit of flows; that is, connections between data sources and data destinations.

The key benefits of this plan are hourly data syncs and advanced features like multi-account extraction and data blending.

Data Anywhere

Our Data Anywhere plan is for those who need to centralize and distribute data across their organization from end to end.

This plan gives access to all types of integration, more than 200 connectors, and all premium platform features.

There are also multiple pricing tiers for Data Anywhere, which determine the number of data flows users can build.

Headless Data Integration
Headless data integration is for companies that want to save engineering talent for their core mission.

This product offers full access to Dataddo's unified API, unlimited data flows and all premium platform features.