Getting Started

How to Set Up Notifications

What you'll learn

  • What are notifications and how to enable them
  • How to turn on and turn off Email and System notifications
About Notifications

There are many ways to monitor your integrations in the Dataddo platform. One of them is to set up notifications, for instant updates about any changes to your flows and their setups.

In the system notifications section, you can choose the types of notifications you will see on your control panel:

  • Success - notifications will show you if any action you’ve taken has been successful.
  • Info - notifications will inform you of low-significance platform updates.
  • Warning - notifications will warn you of any potential issues with actions you've taken.
  • Error - notifications will appear if an action is not executed due to an error or other issue. By default, all system notifications are turned on, but you can switch them off by clicking here.

Email and System notifications are very useful for monitoring integrations and they keep you informed of any updates in the platform or with your connectors, so you can act immediately without any disruption to your integrations. Log back in and set them up now!